The Bathroom Thing

This has been talked to death, so I will keep my thoughts brief. There is a sad hilarity in how #letuspee is now a good half of trans activism.

Okay so some passing binary trans people do this thing where they go into the bathroom of the sex they were assigned at birth and talk about how incongruous that is. The message being “trans men look like (your very narrow understanding of) men and trans women look like (your patriarchal ideals) of women so trans people should be allowed to use the bathroom matching their gender identity”.

This is problematic because:

  1. Not all trans people fit into those narrow boxes of looking “clearly” male or female
  2. Not all cis people fit into those boxes either. People are harassed for being gender non-conforming, rather than for being trans per se
  3. Uh… there’s usually no “bathroom matching their gender identity” for non-binary people
  4. Some trans people fit into the wrong box, and would feel safer using the bathroom that matches that

So, instead we should:

  1. Let people use whatever bathroom they want to for whatever reason and/or feel safer in regardless of gender identity
  2. Mind our own business in bathrooms, assume other people know what they are doing, and leave them the fuck alone

“I’ve used both genders restrooms. Not exactly too big of a difference between the two, except women tend to spray urine everywhere less, and men tend to write stuff on the walls with their menstrual blood less.” – Genderfluent

Edited to add: Okay because I just wrote about vulnerability, I’m going to be real with you here. Much as I like to joke about people who slowly back out of bathrooms when they see me, like I’m a grizzly bear, sometimes it is really scary and exhausting. Please support your gender non-conforming and/or queer friends.

The Bathroom Thing

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