And here’s a list of trans and NB media

This is a constantly updating list. Please send me recommendations.

Binary trans youtubers:

  • Kat Blaque a black trans woman who talks about race, gender and feminism,
  • Chase “you’re trans and don’t have a youtube channel? you need to get on that”,
  • Jake Edwards singing about T and talking to NB youtubers,
  • Alex Bertie in an adorable Q&A with his sister,
  • Gigi Gorgeous seen here casually hanging out with Kylie Jenner,
  • MilesChronicles I don’t even know how to describe this channel? It’s wacky weird at 300%, watch it immediately

NB youtubers:

  • Kaitlyn Alexander in the best parody video ever,
  • Riley Dennis discussing alternative trans narratives and responding to hate comments with sass,
  • Roly talking about their 17 piercings yessss,
  • theo sharing thoughts about fitting in as NB,
  • Milo Stewart seen here causing gender confusion which is always to be supported,
  • Tyler Ford seen here in stylelikeu, a video series in which people talk about themselves while undressing
  • Dev Blair, and their blog discussing gender, sexuality, race, allyship
  • Ashley Wylde, originator of the gender tag
  • Vesper NB pan/biromantic asexual living in Japan: vlog about race, gender, sexuality, intersectionality, stuff going on in Japan, body mods
  • Ash Hardell, bi, genderqueer



  • Herstory —6 really really good episodes about trans women, written and performed by trans women. Includes 1 lesbian love story. It’s compelling and touching and real and infuriating and awesome. Season 2 will be released in 2017 ahhh. (CN: T slur, transphobia, abuse)
  • Carmilla — I heard it’s good. I’m just watching it because Kaitlyn is in it playing a genderqueer character 😛 They don’t realise they are NB straight away, so you have to wait a bit.




Games/Art/ Weird stuff:

  • Porpentine I don’t know how to explain this. Go play her stuff, especially With Those We Love Alive

Spoken word:

Short stories:

Books (links are to Goodreads reviews; I got most of these on bookdepo, and will lend them to you if you happen to live nearby. I have not read most of them yet, and will review them as I go along.):

Articles in Mainstream Media, because heck, why not:

Resources for the Confused Cis:

Pronouns stuff:

Resources for the questioning Maybe-Not-Cis, other than everything above:

Resources for the Not-Cis in Crisis, other than everything above:

Misc. Articles I want to link to but have no heading for:

And here’s a list of trans and NB media

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