“but in a world without gender…”

“but in a world without gender…”

  • okay sorry to hear that your family is forcing you to attend church when you are actually Buddhist but religion is a construct and in my imaginary ideal world all religions are the same. We should fight for a secular state and your insistence on practising and identifying with your faith is hurting the cause. So until we abolish religion completely, you should continue being Christian because that makes sense, apparently

“you can be WHAT gender/orientation now?”

  • goddammit why are they adding all these train services and stations, what’s wrong with the good old days when we just had two stations for my office and my house! These special snowflake millennials and PC culture demanding the convenience that I’ve always enjoyed is getting out of hand in a way that doesn’t affect me at all except for once in a while when I am reminded that “Rochor” is now a station. Unfathomable!

“I’m not trans but this is what I think that being trans is about, and I shall cling to it and repeatedly mansplain it to you regardless of what you try to tell me about your actual life”

  • So difficult to be snarky about this one. The reasoning parodies itself. “Sex assigned at birth doesn’t always match gender? You are living proof standing right in front of me? I don’t buy it.”
  • Also, “You want me to stop misgendering you? It makes you uncomfortable? Okay I’m not trans but if I were I imagine that I would be cool with it. Please spend half an hour trying to convince me that you really feel the way you do.”

“but (any argument, really)”

  • “Excuse me quantum entanglement, but have you considered… causality?!” QE looked momentarily shocked. They had not considered that. They looked around themself frantically, bewildered for a moment before, in a poof of smoke, abruptly ceasing to exist. Physics has been saved!!
damn Sophie stealing my ideas before I come up with them, and doing them better (source)
“but in a world without gender…”

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