Now that I am: 1. secure in my gender identity, 2. already out to most people whose opinions I care about and hence have the ability to hurt me, and 3. relatively chill about being mispronouned, I have taken to coming out to and educating random peripheral people in my life, for fun.

It’s a cheap thrill, with a nice adrenaline spike, and I earn education points. If they’re nice about it, I absorb the positivity. If they’re not, it doesn’t faze me much. I no longer get sucked into pointless arguments about the existence of transpeople (reading Gender Outlaws: The Next Generation was very helpful).

It makes me happy when I come out to somebody and ze tells me about other transpeople ze knows (usually while wildly misgendering them and using all the wrong words, but no matter). Hello, trans-sibling of indeterminate gender because of an unreliable narrator! I feel instant connection to you; thanks for laying the groundwork over here! Sorry cis people in your life are so terrible, let’s be friends?

I don’t really care for acceptability, or assimilation, or packaging my experience to be legible to cis people. Nevertheless, a fun activity for a dull afternoon.


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