Tinder Genders

Rant. Tinder is pretty low on my list of concerns, but this is annoying.

Tinder updated its gender options in its US, UK and Canada versions (so, not even my country), and it is making me disproportionately angry. Self-congratulatory cis people everywhere.

Now it is like OKCupid. You can choose any gender, but then you have to choose one in the statement “include me in searches for men/women”. You can’t search for NBs. It isn’t even the ineptitude that is annoying me; it is the self-congratulation.

I don’t understand how they could have consulted with GLAAD and multiple transpeople and still be so inept. How could they have come up with a list of 37 gender options and fail to realise that people don’t always fit into exactly one box between MEN or WOMEN, no matter how circumlocutiously you ask the question?

The easy and obvious solution: Allow people to select between one and three out of “include me in searches for men/women/non-binary people”, and between one and three of “search for men/women/non-binary people”. It is simple.

Yes, I support letting everybody identify themselves however they want. That’s not nothing. But maybe we need more than a cosmetic change accompanied with copious self-congratulation on “inclusivity”. We would prefer that you actually reflect the existence of more than two genders in your algorithm and be actually more functional. At the very least you can stop patting yourselves on the back.

Relevant: How Can We Include Non-Binary People In Gendered Spaces, on the frustration of being nominally “included” by people who aren’t actually invested in doing the work. Also applies to trans inclusion in queer/any space.

Also: And then there’s some muddled discussion of this helping with the problem of transpeople’s accounts being reported for being fake. Adding the options “trans woman” and “trans man” for that reason, instead of protecting binary transpeople’s right to use “““regular””” woman/man, is dodgy AF. (To be fair Tinder also reviewed their review system for reports, which is good.)

Tinder Genders

One thought on “Tinder Genders

  1. Augh seriously? I guess they must have just straight-up copied the OKC model. This is *so* annoying to me as well, particularly since it would be so darn easy to make significant improvements, as you say, by allowing people to choose multiple categories to be included in. I hate hate hate the implied assumption of this model that no one would actively seek non-binary people to date, and the insidious binarist cissexism that almost certainly expects us enbies to sort ourselves according to genitals.

    As it stands, this is just cis people forcing us back into the binary. It upsets me a lot too, is basically what I want to say.

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